Versatile Personality

New Book 'America-Europe madhe Vivekanand' released by Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji at Shahu Smarak Bhavan, Kolhapur.


Endowment lecture on Dr. Ambedkar and Chatrpati Shivaji in DRDO, R&D Dighi, Pune.


'Narmada Parikrama'from Amarkantak to Bhadoch and Bhadoch to Amarkantak along with bank of Narmada river.

Paintings by Dr. Desai in oil, water and acrylic colors on canvas, handmade paper and oil paper.

06 to 25/06/2011

Himalay calls

At a frozen lake at Gurudum on China border in North Sikkim.

03/04/1975 - 1989

Editor, Sinhvani Weekly

& Daily

From 1965 - 1974

Editor, Pranav Magazine

Bio Data




Education - B.A. (Hons.) Psychology. 
                    M.A. – Philosophy
                    Bachelor of Journalism & Communication (B.J.C.)
                    Ph.D. Shivaji University (Science and Religion) 


Birth Date - 10th March, 1949 

Occupation - Author, Writer,

                      Senior Journalist

                      Accredited Govt. of Maharashtra since 1976


Editor, Printer, Publisher of
            a) Editor Pranav Magazine 1965 to 1974
            b) Weekly Shinhavani 1974 - 1984
            c) Daily Sinhvani 1984 to 1990
            d) Editor, Udyam Varta. 1998
            e) Editor Dyndoot Magazine 2001
            f) Editor, Gayatri Bulletin, Banglore 1982
            g) District Correspondent - Indian Express And Daily  Loksatta-

                                                         1982- 1984- 1988
            h) Correspondent, Daily Samna - 1994
            i)  Correspondent, The Press Trust of India 1999- 2009
            j) Columnist The Times of India Since 2008 

Founder President – Kolhapur Press Club
                                   Kolhapur Zilla Supatahik Sampadak Sangh 

Weekly Columns - 
A) Daily Pudhari 1997- 2002
            1. Jagtik Ghadamodi (International happenings)
            2. Health Special supplement
            3. Global Media watch
            4. Kalanagri


B) Daily Sakal, Kolhapur
            1. Consumer Forum, weekly column for Ten years
            2. Europe visit
            3. Keniya world Conference
            4. International events
            5. Kolhapurchi chitra- Shilpa Parampara


C) Daily Tarun Bharat, Kolhapur
             1. Grahak Nyalyalaya
             2. Videsh Vruta Vedh
             3. Scholars of Kolhapur

D) Daily Navshakti, Mumbai
             Sunday column on Parapsychology, 1991

E) Daily Lokmat, Kolhapur - Sangli
             Weekly column on -
                          Avkash Gatha
                          Interviews of Army officer
                          Western Philosophers

F) Daily Akya -  Satara
             Swami Vivekanand


More than seven Thousand Articles on different subjects published in Marathi Print Media and for Akashvani, kolhapur.

Participation in seminar on "Sahyadri" Doordarshan chanel, mumbai.

Author of Following Books -
            1. Shri Dattabal - 1968
            2. Prem Prakshepan - 1983
            3. Lama Milarepa - 1987
            4. Grahak Nyaylay - 1998
            5. International events - 1998
            6. The relevance of scientific conclusions to Religion - 1994
            7. Kusti Pandhari - 2006
            8. Arogya - 2006
            9. Sakshi - 2005
            10. Gaytri - 2005
            11. Kalachi Janmakatha - 2005

            (Translation of Best seller book of Cambridge Scientist Dr. Stephan Hawking ‘A Brief             History of Time’ in Marathi)
            12. Mahayogi Gautam Buddha (Marathi) - 2008
            13. Kolhapur 150 years history of painting and Sculptural - 2008
            14. Mahayogi Gautam Buddha (English) - 2009
            15. Story writing (English) - 2010
            16 Santanchi Mandiyali - 2010   
            17. Grahak Prabadhan - 2010
            18. Maratha Samarath Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj 2011
            19. Nidharmi Naiteekata 2011
            20. Vivekanand in America and Europe 2011

            1) Kailash sparsh
            2) Messenger of Divine Love
            3) Dattabal Samagra Vangmaya
            4) Love and Life
            5) Anubhuti
            6) Adhunik Manvasathi Navsadhna
            7) Gayatri Yadny
            8) The lectures of Dattabal
            9) My young friends
            10) Sainik  Senadhikari and seva sandhi
            11) Vidyan katha
            12) Life of Saikaka
            13) Stories of mystic world
            14) A peg of poetry
            15) You and the difficulties
            16) Narmada Parikrama
            17) Two Souveniours of Dattabal mission divine in 1972 and 1978
            19) Souveniour of shahu co. op. bank ltd 2006 (golden jubilee)

Translation in Marathi :

  • A Brief History of Time – Stephan Hawking
  • A Seat of Soul – Garry Zukove
  • The Sleeping Prophet – Edgar Kessy

Articles and Photos published in 8 to 10 language on the popular yearly calendar –    Kalnirnaya, Mumbai and Mahalaxmi, Kolhapur

Director of Gulmohar Art Gallery- 

      • One hundred painting exhibitions, Demonstrations, Seminars at Kolhapur, Delhi, Goa, had been held.
      • More than one hundred articles on Artists and their paintings have been published.
      • Many interviews of Artists on Akashvani Kolhapur.
      • Book on Abalal Reheman published.
      • Paintings Competitions held.
      • Gulmohar Kala Puraskar given to noted Painters.
      • Paintings in Oil and Watercolors

Social activities-
Managing Trustee and PRO of Dattabai Mission Divine public Charitable Trust 1968 to 1982.

  • Managing Committee Member. Shri Mouni Vidyapeeth: 1982.
  • Director, Mahalaxmi Free Dignostic Centre, Kolhapur: 1992- 1994.
  • Medical Camps held at Gargoti.
  • Secretary Dr. J. P. Naik Fondation Charitable Trust.
  • Secretary, Maharashtra Philosophical Conference: 1999- 2001.
  • Local Secretary of 14th Session of Philosophical Conference held at Shivaji University.
  • Founder- Paramarsh Vichar Kendra: 1998-2000.

Member – SPSSI - The society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Washington, DC. 2002 - 2004

Visiting Lecturer - (1998-2009)

      • Dalvi’s Art Institute- Kolhapur Art Master (Psychology)
      • Journalism- Mahaveer College (History of Marathi Journalism)
      • M.A. Mass Communication Shivaji University, Kolhapur 2002-2008
      • B.J.C. Course, M.J.C. Course. Shivaji University, Kolhapur
      • Gandhi Study Centre, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
        (Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi) (2008-2009)

Research Papers-
Research Papers were presented and published in National and International Conferences in India & Abroad

  • World conference on Religion and Peace Nairobi (Kenya) 1984
  • Indian Science Congress Banglore 1984
  • World conference on  Religions MIT Pune, 2007
  • International conference  by Vivekanand Centre Kanyakumari at Kochin
  • Indian Philosophical congress New Delhi at Jamiya Islamia University 2003
  • Indo- French Cultural Conference Paris 2001
  • Indian Philosophical Congress at Rambhau Malagi Prabodhini Mumbai 2009

Visits -   
Expedition of Mount Kailas and Mansarovar in 1986 and 2001
Europe, Tibet, Nepal, and All India many times. From Kanyakumari to J&K and from Dwarka to Tawang, Arunachala.


Recent Foreign Tours -   
1. ATHENS, Greece in 2013 for World Philosophical Congress. Paper presented on Synthesis     of Science and Religion on concept of 'TIME'.

2. AUSTRELIA in 2016

Interviewed and discussions with renowned people in India & Abroad from different fields e.g.

  • Bishop Dismund Tutu (Nobel Prize Winner)
  • Sir Andrew Haxle (Nobel Prize Winner)
  • Dr. Homer A. Jack (Nobel Prize Winner)
  • Capt. Edger Michel (Sixth man who walked on the Moon)
  • Senapati Bapat
  • Achutrao Patvardhan
  • The Mother of Pondichery
  • M.P. Pandit
  • Khushwant Sing
  • Acharya Atre
  • Probodhankar Thakre
  • Dr. E. K. Chitnis (PTI Former Chairman & Scientist)
  • Dr. R.V. Bhosale, Space Scientist
  • Dr. Vasant Govarikar, Scientist
  • Dr. Jayant Narlikar, Scientist
  • Dr. Shivram Bhoje, Nuclear Scientist
  • Dr. D.Y Patil, Governor of Tripura

Lectures delivered at - 
In India-- Delhi, Banglore, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Pune, Gawlier, Devas, Kolhapur, Nagapur, Belgaum, Goa, Paris (France), Nairobi (Kenya)

Subject : ‘Nature of Science and Religion in 21st Century’
Endowment lecture on Dr. Ambedkar and Chatrpati Shivaji in DRDO, R&D Dighi, Pune.
Endowment lecture – Science – Technology and Religion at Kolhapur Technological Institute, Kolhapur.

Proposed work -
Reconstruction of Buddha Stupa at the historic site discovered in my book at Kolhapur.

Already we have demanded the land (by public charitable trust under my guidance). We received great support from public and the district administration.

Recent Book published -

Swami Vivekanand in Western World with special reference to news papers in USA and UK during 1893 to 1900.

Awards and felicitation received -

1. Maharashtra Journalist Association award for excellence in journalism 
2. On the eve of 50th anniversary of Maharashtra state (1st May 2010) public felicitation by the guardian minister of state. For special contribution in field journalism and literature
3. Public felicitation by Governor of Tripura Padmashri Dr. D. Y. Patil at Kolhapur on 20th Oct. 2010 for research books on Gautam Budha and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 

4. In year 2014, "SAHITYA RATNA" award for outstanding work in the field of Literature by Garudbharari Foundation.

5. In year 2017, "SAMAJ BHUSHAN" State level award and MANPATRA for long standing work through writings, speeches which in the line of Chatrapati Shahu, Ambedkar's work and thought.

6. "Best Prabodhanwadi Literary" award by Prabodhanwadi Sevabhavi Sanstha, Kolhapur for faithful, selfless social work.

7. In year 2017, "BALIRAJA" award for selfless spotless character and Purogami thought and successful Social movements by Baliraja Mahotsav, Kolhapur.

8. The "SAMAJ RATNA" award for social work to guide society and give direction to social change. This is appreciated by Council of Education, Magdum Endo surgery Institute and Gandhi Prachar Kendra.



Dr. Subhash K. Desai
11 B, Shivaji Stadium, Kolhapur-416 012.
Maharashtra (INDIA)
Ph.: +91-231-2641635,
Mob.: +91-9423039929,